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We are proud to offer our clients the highest standards of veterinary care.

The Liverpool Village Animal Hospital is pleased to offer Veterinary Clinical Nutrition Services for both healthy pets and animals with various diseases. Dr. Renee M. Streeter is now available for consultations. She is a 2010 graduate of Ross University and recently completed her residency in Clinical Nutrition at Cornell University. She has expertise in both large and small animal nutrition and would encourage referrals from both large and small animal practitioners. The following services are offered:

Clinical Nutrition

Deciding what to feed your pet:

Good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy life. This is true for every pet and every pet has its own particular needs. From the happy healthy puppy to the older cat with kidney disease, Dr. Streeter can help you navigate all the pet food options and guide you to the best diet for your pet. Consultations will include an assessment of your pet’s current weight, body and muscle condition. Nutritional goals will be discussed and detailed diet recommendations will be presented in a written report to help attain those goals.  


Feeding a homemade diet:

Many homemade diet recipes can be easily obtained. However, most of these diets are lacking nutrients or have poor nutrient ratios, have too much of certain ingredients and vague feeding recommendations. Dr. Streeter can formulate a homemade diet to meet the specific needs of your particular pet and ensure it meets nutritional requirements. This is particularly helpful where foods found in stores or veterinary hospitals don’t meet all dietary goals for pets with certain or multiple health issues.


Weight Management:

If your pet is overweight help diet plans can be provided to help achieve their goals. This is particularly important for pets that have just undergone bone, joint or ligament surgeries, have arthritic issues or certain metabolic diseases.


Your vet has recommended assisted feeding:

There are times when illness or injury leaves a pet unwilling or unable to eat. Feeding tubes are an excellent way to help them through these times and provide the nutrition they need for healing.


Your vet has recommended intravenous nutrition:

If a pet is hospitalized and can’t eat or can’t hold food down, parenteral (intravenous) nutrition can be formulated to get a pet through this difficult time.


Deciding which supplements are needed:

Most healthy pets will not require supplements while on a good pet food but there are times when supplements may be beneficial. Dr. Streeter can help you decide which supplements are important or unnecessary.


Looking to start your pet on a new nutritional path?

Please call the hospital at 315-451-5455 to schedule a consultation for any of the above services.

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For after hours emergencies call:

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Nutrition Consultation FAQ’s:


What is the purpose of nutrition consultation?


A nutrition consultation is performed to help pet owners determine the best feeding options for their pet. A veterinarian may also contact a board certified veterinary nutritionist on the behalf of their client and patient for the same purpose.


Veterinary nutritionists are here to help keep your pet healthy, prevent disease, and manage illness with appropriate nutrition. You may be seeking help determining which commercial diet fits your pet’s needs or you may be considering home-cooking for your pet or.  You may need help deciding which of those options is best. Veterinary nutritionists can also help with weight loss plans, weight gain, manage assisted feeding such as tube feedings or intravenous feedings, or help you work through which supplements may help your pet.


What does the veterinary nutritionist do during the consultation?


The veterinary nutritionist will review the patient’s records and the goals for the consultation. After a complete review of the patient records the consultation can be performed. Most veterinary nutritionists prefer to examine the patient to determine a body condition score and muscle condition score. Some will perform consultations over the phone or via e-mail correspondence. The patient’s medical conditions, if present, will be discussed as well as the dietary goals for those conditions. A diet plan will then be made by the veterinary nutritionist which takes those dietary goals into consideration. This plan will likely be provided in a written format for the owner either at the conclusion of the visit or shortly thereafter.


Is there a charge for a veterinary nutrition consultation?


There is a charge for a consultation. There is considerable time spent on a case while the veterinary nutritionist reviews the patient’s health records and makes a determination for the nutritional goals for that case. In addition, there is time and expertise needed for any physical exam that is performed. When the record review and/or examination are finished, further time is spent finalizing feeding recommendations and recording them for the owner. If a homemade diet is being formulated for a patient it may take up to a few hours to formulate and write up the plan. The consultation fees at Liverpool Village Animal Hospital range from $75.00 for a commercial diet consultation to $210.00 for a homemade diet formulation.


How do I get started?


You will be asked to have your veterinarian provide recent records including any lab work results. There is also a nutrition consultation form that will be provided for you to fill out which will ask for detailed information as to what the patient has been eating up to the point of the consultation as well as activity level and your goals for the consultation. Thereafter an appointment time can be scheduled to have the consultation performed.